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Jess Wilson


I have over 10 years in the industry and love it now as much as the day I started.  I love gruelling workouts, absolutely addicted to cake & Nutella and I am always smiling! I am a level 3 personal trainer, ex-army, CrossFit coach and pre-post-natal qualified.

I have played sports since I was a pup and the discipline, team spirit and gave me a hunger for all things health & fitness. I carried this through into my military career.

I knew fitness was going to be a part of my life in some way and I like a challenge and fancied turning my passion into something more permanent.

I love everything about coaching and I am passionate about making health & fitness accessible to as many as possible. I often have the old, ‘well what do you know about being overweight’ comment thrown my way by clients, but the fact is my lovelies, I have been there and came out winning. AND I decided with my first-hand experience, my knowledge within the health and fitness industry, I needed to share that with others. With all the contradictory advice, the fad diets and lack of support out there, I felt I needed to make it my mission to help others take control. Even if just one person and 10 years on, I have been lucky enough to have helped hundreds of you lovely lot. YOU are not on your own and you can strike that balance, it’s achievable and I am going to show you how!