Joel - PB Performance Gym


Specialist Weightlifting Coach

Originally from west-Wales Joel is a jack-of-all-trades sportsman having competed in district athletics, hockey and rugby and notably representing Wales in underwater hockey.

He is a Cardiff Met graduate and it was here his interest turned toward Olympic Weightlifting and subsequently, coaching. After Uni he attained his L3 personal training and L1 weightlifting qualification under the guidance of South Pembs Weightlifting Club and Strength Academy Wales (SAW). While working here he was able to gain valuable experience assistant coaching for a year before going on to complete his level 2 qualification in weightlifting. Since then, he has attained 5 years working in the fitness industry.

Joel’s training philosophy is that everyone should have the strength and confidence to be able to move their body how they want to. Whether running, jumping or lifting a strong athletic base is important for a good quality of life. He has worked with people from all walks of life, from children to the elderly to help achieve optimal movement and better quality of life from strength training.