Courtney - PB Performance Gym



“Hi, my name is Emily, For my whole life I have loved fitness, from the age of 3 I played football and as a child played every sport that was offered to me. From the age of 15 I played regional rugby and have a good understanding of elite sports environments and training types from my years of playing high level rugby. I have been following strength and conditioning programs since the age of 14 and have never looked back since!

I qualified as a personal trainer at age 16 and have worked within the fitness industry ever since. I’ve studies strength, Conditioning, rehabilitation and massage at Cardiff Met and I have a passion for strength and conditioning.

I now compete in CrossFit and hope to bring, I hope to bring high levels of energy to the sessions at PB and to help as many people on their fitness journey as possible

If you see me around come and say hi”