Yoga - PB Performance Gym


In short; a mix of yoga and mobility work.

A whole-body Strength and flexibility exercise which increases flexibility and mobility, whilst maintaining strength.  

Yogability aims to relate movements to specific sports or fitness and the mobility required to enhance performance in these sports.  

Yogability focuses on movements to increase flexibility, mobility and muscle strength and body awareness. It assists in injury prevention whilst enabling form and function.

A typical class will consist of:

  • Flows for movement and linking movements to improving range
  • Mobility work – working on strength through our widest range
  • Stretching – normally dynamic but sometimes passive to increase flexibility
  • CARS – controlled articular rotations – for joint health
  • Strengthening work – whether its core, shoulders or hip flexors for example; some challenging movement to increase stability
  • Relaxation and breathing; to relax the mind as well as the body